Interpersonal approach to the management of your bills

Ethically, medical professions are reluctant to establish a sustained collection system for fear of upsetting the patient. Unpaid debts constitute lost earnings for medical institutions, insurers and independent operators active in the healthcare sector.

Moreover, statistics clearly indicate that the level of unpaid debts is rising in Switzerland, and medical claims have been significantly affected.

It is therefore important for medical providers to be able to recover their outstanding invoices, with the assistance of a partner who has a proven track record in the field of debt recovery and based on courteous and constructive dialogue.

Whatever your profession (dentist, veterinary, alternative medicine, hospital or laboratory), we can help you manage your overdue payments. We specialise in the management of invoices and the recovery of debts.

  • No annual or one-time contract tax;
  • “No-win no-fee” policy;
  • Reasonable recovery costs charged to your debtors;
  • Online interface to monitor your debts; Debtors treated respectfully with a view to protecting your image;
  • Risk of costs borne by BLU.

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Thérèse Pozzi, CTO

A difficult pill to swallow ?

Third-party payer, third-party guarantor, acceptance of basic insurance or additional insurance? What are your actual debt management costs? How much do you spend on such-and-such a solution? What happens when a patient fails to pay despite being reimbursed by their health insurance?

What happens if your patient moves abroad? We can clear up any confusion.

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