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Did you know that more than 30 000 businesses use the CRIFT AG services to verify their customers’ creditworthiness?

In order to avoid losses on accounts receivable and the risks of default in payment, online shops, real estate management companies, telephone operators, banks and leasing companies get information that enables them to evaluate their customers’ creditworthiness.

And do you know your own financial position and your Credit Rating? Do you want to obtain further information in that regard?

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  • Obtain recognized certificates of creditworthiness (for example, when you look for a house)

  • Monitor, rectify or improve your credit data

  • Protect your data online (protection of your identity and personal information to prevent their usurpation for malevolent purposes (via websites, dark web, hackers, etc.)

  • Receive information on your present situation

  • Effectuate your registration if you have recently arrived in Switzerland

What is CRIF?

CRIF SA is Switzerland’s leading company for solutions regarding risk management and the prevention of fraud.

Why is a good credit rating important??

A good credit rating (with CRIF as well as with the authority for prosecutions) will give your commercial partner a guarantee that your bills are paid and that you are not too heavily in debt. It is also a rather pleasant convenience to be able to obtain a credit or be billed for purchases of merchandise online. To that end, one obviously must have a good credit rating.

What are the stakes?

Businesses increasingly face malevolent transactions from persons with bad intentions. Attempted fraud; theft of the identity of a person in the same building; use of various personal pseudonyms or information that is intentionally erroneous during a purchase: all conceivable means are being employed to outwit the vigilance of merchants in order to obtain merchandise and then avoid paying for it.

Such embezzlements demand significant investments and efforts that may have a substantial impact on the prices ultimately paid by honest consumers.

To reduce the risks as much as possible, suppliers and service companies are therefore obligated to implement more rigorous means of verification to ensure that they will be paid after orders are placed.

Hence, a large number of these companies use the CRIF database (registered with the Data Protection Officer in Berne), which enables them to get information regarding customers who want to make time payments (for example, payments on account).

With the guarantee of a good credit rating and control of your own data, you can use and have the benefit, without worries, of services, and obtain merchandise, from all types of businesses in Switzerland and, in most cases, arrange for time payments.

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