Negotiated settlements

Helping businesses to improve their cash accounts by swiftly collecting overdue payments.

In the event of an overdue payment, it is preferable to make every effort to maintain the business relationship. However, some businesses have trouble negotiating settlements without assistance.

An external debt recovery company will pull out all the stops to ensure your accounts receivable are promptly settled.

We operate according to a “no-win no-fee” policy which means that we put everything into your case in order to:

✓ Swiftly recover the debt
✓ Provide a first-class service
✓ Offer excellent advisory and monitoring services

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Thérèse Pozzi, CTO

Together, let’s preserve the financial health of your company thanks to a tailor-made approach and a result-oriented organisation to reduce payment delays and the number of your unpaid receivables.

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How does it work?

The negotiated settlement of an outstanding claim involves chasing up debtors who have failed to pay an invoice on its due date.

Fortunately, the non-payment is often the result of a simple delay, an oversight, an omission or a malfunction. However, from time to time, you may come across an unscrupulous debtor who will stop at nothing to avoid the settlement of the debt.

Negotiated settlements are therefore considered to be a positive approach as they involve chasing up and prompting the debtor to settle the debt with a view to maintaining the business relationship with the customer.

Debt recovery is often associated with sending simple paper-based reminders to customers. However, in actual fact, prompting a customer to pay requires numerous skills and particular expertise.

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