Don’t just accept bad debts!

The constant increase in late payments and the rise of insolvent companies or individuals threaten business and have a direct bearing on cash accounts. The consequences for business can sometimes be very unpleasant indeed.

Moreover, as it becomes less likely over time that a debt will actually be recovered, you are strongly advised to act swiftly.

You should commission a strong and reliable partner to resolve this issue and fully defend your interests. According to an innovative strategy based on current market expectations.

BLU Payservices SA specialises in the negotiated or court-ordered settlement of debt recovery cases at home and abroad.

The success of our business owes is built on the unwavering commitment of our case handlers. We operate according to a “no-win no-fee” policy and treat all your customers and debtors in a courteous and professional manner.

I stay at your disposal to answer all your questions and needs


Thérèse Pozzi, CTO


  • Negotiated and court-ordered settlement
  • Favourable “no-win no-fee” policy
  • Assistant and support provided by a single case handler
  • Online interface to monitor your claims
  • Recovery in Switzerland and abroad

You and your customer…

The intimacy of your relationship with a customer may often disadvantage you during debt recovery proceedings. Acting in our capacity as a third party, our approach to the situation is more formal and objective. We are also more distant which can help to successfully resolve some cases.

Most debtors promptly settle their claim. Many also act in good faith, but often unwittingly find themselves in financial difficulty.

The main difficulty arises from the fact that debtors are accustomed to these kinds of situations and, as debtors, have much more experience than you as a creditor. Failure to prepare properly may give them the upper hand.

Because every business sector has its own features, and every customer or debtor has their own sensitivities, BLU Payservices SA provides a swift response tailored to the specific debt it is commissioned to recover.

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