Optimise the use of resources and the management of your administration

Statistically, public services tend to run into the problem of outstanding invoices and therefore predominantly face the following consequences:

  • Constant rise in the volume of debts;
  • Large numbers of staff are deployed to manage these debts.

As public institutions are under the obligation to treat their debtors as equals (principle of equality), they are required to propose appropriate support and treatment solutions.

We are able to draw on our extensive experience of representing these institutions and our expertise in the processes and rules of the system, to support your internal policy by offering a solution tailored to the kind of debtors and debts in question.

I stay at your disposal to answer all your questions and needs


Thérèse Pozzi, CTO

Benefits to you:

  • no annual or one-time contract tax;
  • Assistance and support from our debt recovery experts for public services;
  • Online interface to monitor your claims;
  • Favourable “no-win no-fee” policy;
  • Respectful and courteous treatment of your debtors;
  • Enforcement of legal proceedings;
  • Recovery in Switzerland and abroad

The main difficulty arises from the fact that debtors are accustomed to these kinds of situations and, as debtors, have much more experience than you as a creditor. Failure to prepare properly may give them the upper hand.

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