E-commerce solutions from A to Z

E-commerce as a purchase or transaction platform has become very popular in Switzerland and across the world. 1 in every 2 Swiss nationals shop online.

Businesses therefore have electronic access to a considerable customer base and, as a result, are compelled to increase the appeal of their websites and products. However, they have to continuously adapt to the habits of these new consumers with a view to enhancing their business prospects and securing their loyalty of the consumers.

Very demanding consumers expect first-class products. Their shopping choices will also depend on the very important factor of payment method.

The success of an online retailer therefore hinges on the product proposed by the trader, quality, order tracking and flexibility of payment methods.

BLU Payservices SA offers online retailers a comprehensive invoice management and payment solution under one roof. In the interest of showcasing the quality of our approach, we are offering 2 quotes free of charge.

We are committed to our social and environmental responsibility, the quality of our services and the safety of our employees. Through all our actions, we express our core values.


Philippe Bianchi, CEO

Our different modules offer our customers a comprehensive or partial invoice management and payment method solution.

Like many other e-commerce platforms, make use of our simple and effective solutions to benefit from:

  • Simplified integration of our module on your e-commerce platform;
  • Credit check and decision in real time (Report on solvency and identity of your customer during the order) ;
  • Anti-fraud module;
  • Choice of payment method available to your customers;
  • Production and issuance of invoices;
  • Monitoring of payments and reminders;
  • negotiated settlement or court-ordered debt recovery

The E-commerce risks to watch out for!

It is very important to effectively manage risk.

Whether it is risk of fraud, identity theft, inability to pay for an order or disputes of various kinds, e-commerce is also characterised by a whole series of risks.

Not to mention that some consumers often neglect the fact that online shopping is also governed by standard terms of sale which specify, on the one hand, the rights of customers and, on the other, the terms of payment.

Success is therefore contingent upon many factors and the following golden rules should be remembered:

  • Clearly state the general terms of sale and terms of payment on the e-commerce website, ideally before the payment method is confirmed;
  • Clearly identify the customer, confirm their address and verify their solvency;
  • Avoid providing goods or services to heavily indebted customers at all costs by declaring them to be overburdened with debt. The procedure may backfire on the e-commerce business in the event of debt enforcement proceedings.

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