References and testimonials

Initial situation:

  • Auditing of collection processes and proposal of solutions;
  • Analysing credit check and current ID verification procedures;
  • Identifying a solution to guarantee the effective recovery of debts.


  • Improved customer identification processes;
  • Improved internal and external pre-litigation procedures;
  • Optimised collection rates.

 « We place our unconditional trust in BLU Payservices SA, which shares the same values as our business. Their outstanding record on the debt recovery market is based on their customer-oriented approach, their willingness to listen to all stakeholders and their availability; We can entrust our debt management to them with total peace of mind. »

Yves Pitton, CEO

Managing lost certificates :


For many large companies, the management and monitoring of debt-acknowledgement certificates can be a delicate and time-consuming process which requires a great deal of resources. However, by arranging for BLU Payservices SA to take charge of our certificates, we are able to recover a significant proportion of the sums owed to us. We also value the approach and tone adopted by BLU Payservices SA towards our customers. Alan Munt, Credit manager

Alan Munt, Credit manager

Initial situation:

  • Launching an e-commerce platform; Need for an integrated invoice payment and debtor monitoring system


  • Invoices transferred to BLU with a guarantee against non-payment (factoring)
  • E-commerce platform integrated into BLU’s software
  • Credit checks and address searches in real time whenever an order is placed on the website – Decision and authorisation of invoice payment
  • Production and issuance of invoices, monitoring of collections, management of outstanding payments
  • Negotiated or court-ordered debt collections


  • Authorisation of completely secure invoice payment on website
  • Considerable increase in orders
  • Whole invoicing process outsourced – Quick and easy access to cash resources

«When BLU Payservices SA took charge of our entire invoicing process, it acted in an effective, responsive and competent manner and adopted a person-oriented approach” Adrien Gouin, co-founder»

Adrien Gouin, co-fondateur

Initial situation

  • Significant outstanding payments
  • Difficulty in proactively monitoring debtors and recovering overdue invoices
  • Need to define a risk management policy in order to anticipate losses


  • Analysing customer portfolio – risk assessment
  • Establishing a plan to recover all outstanding payments
  • Introducing a customised debtor monitoring procedure


  • Reducing outstanding payments by more than 50%
  • Reducing bad debts by developing a better understanding of who customers are
  • Saving a great deal of time on debtor monitoring processes
  • Speeding up debt recovery

«With BLU Payservices SA, I don’t have to manage overdue invoices anymore. In view of the employees’ skills, we receive very beneficial support built on trust»

Amine Tabet, CEO

Initial situation

  • Significant outstanding payments
  • Process of monitoring invoices requires a great deal of resources in respect of patients, insurance and hospitals
  • Need for a system to produce invoices and monitor debtors
  • Strategic invoice financing decision


  • Invoices transferred to BLU (factoring), access to cash resources
  • Production and issuance of invoices, monitoring of collections, management of outstanding payments
  • Customer service: Managing cases for the relevant individuals/institutions
  • Negotiated or court-ordered debt collections


  • Quick and easy access to cash resources
  • Qualitative follow-up of bills
  • Considerable increase in collections
  • Whole process outsourced

«Our ambulance service had so many problems with overdue invoices, which is why we turned to a recovery service for help. We have been working with BLU Payservices SA since the start of the year and our debt recovery problems are now a thing of the past»

Stefan Vogtmann, co-partner