Debt recovery


Because collection is an important phase for your cash flow, entrust the problem of your overdue receivables to a strong and reliable partner who fully defends your interests.

Our team of professionals will take care of the collection of your receivables through amicable or judicial means and will provide you with a complete solution for the treatment of customer risk.

Our business model, based on results (success fees), and our reputation acquired over the years, meet the needs of small and medium-sized businesses to international groups that are leaders in their market.

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Thérèse Pozzi, CTO

And because each field of activity has its own specificities, each client or debtor its own sensitivities, it is essential for BLU Payservices SA to consider the professional sector of each of our clients in order to communicate and act in an appropriate manner for each debt entrusted to us.

We take on all claims, whether they are commercial or public.

Active throughout Switzerland, BLU Payservices SA can also collect your debts in all countries, thanks to our network of partners and correspondents, who are perfectly familiar with the legislation in force in their respective countries.

Amicable debt collection

Legal debt collection

Recovery of receivables confirmed by loss certificate

The role of a debt recovery company

When you choose BLU Payservices SA to represent your interests, the message you are sending to your debtor could not be any clearer: You have new representation and you are willing to go to court.

Most of the time, the mere involvement of BLU Payservices SA is enough to prompt the debtor to settle the debt spontaneously and readily.

BLU Payservices SA has put together a team whose technical and legal expertise, combined with proficient interpersonal and psychological skills, means that they can oversee the whole process.

Although we prioritise negotiated settlements, we are fully prepared and equipped to commence enforcement proceedings if need be.

Main characteristics:

Efficiency : Your overdue payments are processed by debt recovery experts who make every possible effort to guarantee the prompt settlement of the amounts owed to you.

Quality follow-up : Use our online tools to monitor the various debt recovery stages in complete transparency. You will also liaise with a dedicated case handler who will provide support and advice every step of the way.

“No-win no-fee” : We will only charge a fee if we are successful. This policy is proof that we leave no stone unturned in our efforts to achieve the result you are looking for.

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