Who are we?

About us Drawing on more than 20 years’ experience in the field of accounts receivable and invoice management, Philippe Bianchi and Thérèse Pozzi established BLU Payservices SA in 2017. The agency is a public limited company whose registered address is in Renens/VD, and has branches based in Vernier/GE and Rickenbach/LU.

In view of the partnership that it has maintained since its inception with the PHIDA Invest group managed by Mr. Alain Joseph, BLU Payservices SA enjoys robust financial stability, has the support of a highly reputable partner, offers first-class services and operates according to a family-oriented and inclusive corporate policy.

We set out to promote these core values in our daily relations with our customers. This approach applies to every invoice or case we are asked to handle. Based on a wide range of services covering the whole Credit Management process, BLU Payservices SA has been able to gain a foothold and develop into one of the leading lights on the Swiss market.

We are committed to our social and environmental responsibility, the quality of our services and the safety of our employees. Through all our actions, we express our core values.


Philippe Bianchi, CEO

Keys to success

In light of their vast experience in their field, our colleagues are convinced that success depends on the development of recovery methods. It is particularly important to treat the customer-debtor relationship with respect (letters, telephone conversations), to charge debtors a fair fee, to strictly adhere to legal provisions and to comply with data protection regulations in force.

Our aim :

–  We want to be recognised for our sense of fair play, innovation and forward-thinking approach;
– We want to charge debtors fair and non-excessive fees;
– We want to provide our customers with first-class debt management solutions and advice at all times;
– We want to place the customer at the heart of our concerns at all times;
– We want to help our customers’ debtors to settle their debt

Debt recovery company:

We want to stand out from the rest!

Debt recovery companies undoubtedly have an essential role to play in the functioning of the economy and the management of accounts receivable.

However, the methods employed by some “agencies” can leave a lot to be desired and feed into the negative image of the sector portrayed by the media.

That is why BLU Payservices SA is keen to redress the balance by treating your customer-debtor relations with the utmost respect and proposing customised settlement solutions: We are also committed to charging fair fees based on the progress of the cases we handle.

Our role as a debt collection or recovery company is not straightforward. Prompting the customer to settle the corresponding debt. Prioritising negotiated settlements, although court-ordered collections may sometimes be necessary. While taking care not to antagonise customer or debtor.

The art of collecting payments does not only involve the settlement of a debt. It is also about maintaining satisfaction based on a courteous and accommodating approach. This unique role must be undertaken by a team of specialists characterised not only by their technical and legal expertise, but also by their proficient interpersonal and psychological skills.

A successful debt recovery procedure will involve the following stages:

  • A desire to understand and propose appropriate solutions;
  • Taking on board the needs of both sides at all times;
  • Respectful and phlegmatic communication of results;
  • Invoicing fair recovery fees so that the debtor is not overburdened;
  • Handling cases with perseverance and fairness.

« As a debt recovery company, although we do not offer dream trips to Tahiti, we are more than happy to do the dirty work and navigate our travellers and customers through any turbulence they may face during their debt collection procedures »