Billing and factoring


Would you like to be relieved of the burden of invoice management or simply increase your financial wiggle room?

In the past 5 years, the outsourcing of billing and accounts receivable has doubled and continues to soar in popularity. It has now dawned on companies that the considerable time that goes into this task stands in stark contrast to the scant added value it creates.

There are many advantages to outsourcing the management of invoices and accounts receivable:

  • The responsibility for all activities related to the production and issuance of invoices, reminders and monitoring is shifted elsewhere
  • reduction in external costs (postal fees, etc.)
  • internal resources used more efficiently (tasks with greater added value) ;
  • simplification of payment flows
  • quick and easy access to cash resources
  • Active and straightforward monitoring based on a practical online interface

BLU Payservices SA has teamed up with the PHIDA Invest group to offer a range of outsourcing solutions for the invoicing and accounts receivable processes of businesses.

BLU Payservices SA arranges a special meeting with your business where our experts set out a solution according to your circumstances and based on a range of variables. Contact us now!

We are committed to our social and environmental responsibility, the quality of our services and the safety of our employees. Through all our actions, we express our core values.


Philippe Bianchi, CEO



All-in-one solution!

BLU Payservices SA has the edge on its Swiss competitors as it provides a comprehensive package of invoicing and collection services under one roof:


  • Protection against the risk of bad debts; credit checks and address searches
  • integrated or external solution
  • quick and easy access to cash resources
  • sending and monitoring of invoices and reminders
  • payment flow management
  • Negotiated settlement and court-ordered collection of claims

Who benefits from our billing and factoring services ?

Though billing and factoring were once favoured by the medical sector, interest in these procedures has grown and now extends across all business sectors.

BLU Payservices provides support to e-commerce platforms, medical and public institutions.

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