Credit checks

Monitor the situation of your debtors

Whether you are a company or an individual, we give you the chance to monitor and anticipate your losses in relation to each management phase in your customer or prospective customer relations.

BLU Payservices SA has joined forces with a trailblazer on the Swiss and European market: CRIF AG.

The CRIF database fulfils all federal LPD (Data Protection Law) requirements.

Based on the information obtained, you will be able to identify any losses at the earliest possible time and make an informed decision on the payment method you would like to make available to your customers.

The CRIF database enables us to handle specific cases and the significant workload of companies; see integrated solutions.

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Thérèse Pozzi, CTO

  • Assessment and information about solvency / decision-making assistance

  • Financial information about companies

  • Verifying/updating the addresses and domiciles of your customers

  • Links between companies and individuals

  • Package available to all kinds of companies

  • starting from CHF 365.00/YEAR

Contact one of our experts for immediate access to the online CRIF database.

Number of indebted individuals in CH in 2020;

Number of bankruptcies in CH in 2020

Integrated solutions

Our simple and automatic solutions enable our customers to access the CRIF database via their own systems.

As a result, the object of the search or the information to be analysed (address confirmation, credit score verification) is sent directly to CRIF via your individual interface or the programme of BLU Payservices SA.

CRIF checks the data and issues the corresponding solvency or ID information via the chosen interface.

This system is highly beneficial to sectors which rely on instant decision-making processes (such as e-commerce stores) and can also be used to produce an automated credit decision and give your customer the option of an invoice payment.

Data protection is compulsory.

CRIF AG prioritises strict compliance with national and international data protection laws.

All the products and applications offered by CRIF AG comply with legal requirements and the most stringent security standards.

As a registered member of the Federal Office for Data Protection in Berne, CRIF AG guarantees compliance with regulations and laws currently in force. These provisions govern the precise details of the procedures used to record and process data. Moreover, extensive information, rectification and erasure rights are enshrined in law.

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