General Terms and Conditions on KissMyWheels invoices


1. Generalities
By choosing the payment by invoice option of BLU Payservices SA, you accept and confirm that you have read these General
Terms and Conditions (GTC).

2. To whom is the payment by invoice option addressed?
To obtain the right to use the payment by invoice option offered by BLU Payservices SA, you must reside in Switzerland, be a
natural person of lawful age and have a regular income. If you meet these conditions, you can use the payment service of
BLU Payservices by choosing the payment by invoice option on the KissMyWheels Sàrl website.
KissMyWheels Sàrl then assigns its claim from the basic transaction between you and KissMyWheels Sàrl to BLU Payservices
SA for invoicing and collection purposes. You are therefore obliged to pay the amount of the assigned transaction(s), including
the fees stated in the KissMyWheels Sàrl General Terms and Conditions under “payment methods” directly to BLU Payservices

3. Responsibility of the parties
The responsibility of BLU Payservices SA is exclusively limited to questions and procedures related to the payment of the
invoice. The basic business transaction between you and KissMyWheels Sàrl is subject to the contractual conditions of
KissMyWheels Sàrl.
KissMyWheels Sàrl is therefore solely responsible for the proper execution of the business transaction with you. BLU
Payservices SA is not responsible for the quality of the goods and/or possible defects of the goods, the proper execution of
the order, delivery or return times, etc.)

4. Method of sending invoices and reminders
Unless the Retailer’s General Terms and Conditions clearly state otherwise, BLU Payservices SA may freely choose to send the
invoice either digitally to your email address or to your postal address.

5. Data protection
In order to offer you payment by invoice, BLU Payservices SA contacts one or more solvency databases, attesting to your
ability to pay and thus avoiding any over-indebtedness according to the standards of the LCC (Consumer Credit Law).
By using the payment service of BLU Payservices SA, you authorise BLU Payservices SA to provide and collect, before and/or
during the conclusion of the sale, the data relating to your personal situation from the company CRIF AG, Hagenholzstrasse
81, CH-8008 Zürich, Tel: +41 44 913 50 58 for the purposes of financial information, credit checks, risk management (including
fraud prevention).

6. Approval / refusal of payment by invoice
During the order process, BLU Payservices SA. verifies, as a result of the checks carried out according to point 5 of these
General Terms and Conditions, whether it can satisfy your request for payment by invoice in relation to the potential risk of
default of payment.
If necessary, or if it is appropriate, you are free, in consultation with the retailer, to obtain another means of payment.

7. Contact
If you have any questions regarding the collection process, data protection or credit checks, please contact BLU Payservices
SA, Avenue de Longemalle 21, CH-1020 Renens – 021 637 31 00 –

Renens, 15.03.2022